Welcome To Prayas Goat Farming and Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Prayas Goat Farming and Agro Pvt. Ltd. Created by Organic Agriculture and Allied Business Framing expert club. So our farming expert generate a profit from trading and share the trade profit with our active farmers as “Co ownership Program Revenue” with digitally provided informative products and services with activity BONUS up to 200%. So just acquire Goat Animal in Units, sit back and enjoy the Farming and trading profit. Our farming and trading expert’s trade and we share with the DONE FOR YOU system.




About Us

Welcome to Prayas Goat Farming And Agro Pvt. Ltd. aca PGF. We are a main organization that emphasis on Goat Farming, Fish Farming and Poultry market wealth parts. We will probably accomplish the most astounding profit from the movement for the external Market trading and Meat trade markets. On the off chance that you might want to enter the universe of Goat Farming with Co Ownership Program and Profit Partnership Program with present day Framing and marketing is profit stage then you are on your correct way.
Ventures with Prayas Goat Farming And Agro Pvt. Ltd. are moderate and safe.

Services We Provied

Become a farmers/member and select any of our empowering products for you to use in your quest for positive life transformation!

Marketing Solutions

Our Digital Marketing platform that allows our members to advertise their Agriculture and Allied Business, products and services and also lets them to earn from their promotional activities.

Empowerment Materials

Success Systems created by Organic Agriculture and Allied Business Framing expert club. to help our farmers/members to make positive transformations in their lives personally and financially including their business.

Business Programs

Agriculture base business that generate extra income for you! You may choose from our range of Goat Units from Co Ownership or Profit Partnership Program business which have been display online every day.

Resources and Tools

Access to innovative range of agriculture technologically advanced resources specially designed to help maximize your life and business, as greater productivity always equals to greater profits.

How To Get Started?

To become a member of PGF you need first to open a account. It's quite easy and doesn't take much time, but you will get an opportunity to become farmers/promoter and earn profit. For that you must complete the registration process with nominal fees. In order to register yourself as a member or farmers, click on the "Create Account" button, fill in the registration form and press "Register". Your account is ready to use! You are obliged to provide only complete and accurate information about yourself (the "Registration Data") when registering as a Member or farmers.

Need not to be worried because all your credentials are safe and private because we never share any data with any one...
To make a deposit login to your PGF account using your login id and password. Choose "REQUEST FUND" section. Enter the amount to request which you willing to deposit. Select the required electronic payment system /Bank (so-called NEFT RTGS IMPS). Pay amount of minimal or maximal deposit that is stated in it in accordance request fund policy. Follow the instructions of Bank and approve the payment finally. Wait for adding funds on your wallet. It can take just a few minutes up to few hours.
All accruals of profit are done automatically and in accordance with chosen Co Ownership plan. Depending on the amount of your deposit and the term of chosen farming period, you will receive guaranteed profit after or before a certain period of time. Your earnings are depending from your goat units and framers co ownership plan and can be in half yearly basis or at the end of farming term according to your selection of plan.

For "Co Ownership" and "Profit Partnership" plans you will get the assured profit amount which includes both your principal amount and profits that mean your principal amount will not be returned separately.

Our Vision & Mission

Namaskar, first Prayas Goat Farming and Agro Private Limited (this will be named "Prayas" hereinafter) The Company appreciates you wholeheartedly. The Board of Directors of "Prayas" expresses its gratitude to you for the encouragement and cooperation that you have given us for the growth and development of this industry.

Goals and Objective

The main Goals and objective of the effort is employment generation through goat rearing business along with rural development which will also lead to national development.
The effort is to create farming and environment supplementary business and employment based on goat rearing business.
To make farmers self-reliant. Building business in different areas: Organic farming, organic manure, earthworm manure, poultry, fisheries, dairy business, making farmers self-reliant by creating business in different areas.
Establishment of business and entrepreneurship in the village through goat and poultry farming on a basic under the "Prayas .... Ek Aadhar" scheme.
Personality Development in Rural Areas - Entrepreneurship Creation.
Production and sale of unique products from goat and cow milk. Emphasis on self-sufficiency in the country through economic revolution in rural areas.

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